About us

Pantarul – feels like home. 

Welcome. Make yourself at home. Are you up for a snack with a glass of local wine or a several-course dinner which will make all your senses flick? Our chef Jadran Tutavac will have the right solution, whatever you may wish for. Top quality, yet unpretentious food – modern cuisine at its best.

Our menu lives with the seasons and all the dishes are prepared using local produce sourced by farmers from Dubrovnik’s surroundings, especially from Župa and Konavle. Fresh fish is delivered daily and our meat comes from the most reliable, high-quality sources. Homemade pasta and bread, a creative wine list featuring Croatian wines and an honest smile on the waiters’ faces – when we dine out, these are the things we look for in a restaurant ourselves.



Cold starters

  • Steak tartare 94kn
  • Fish tartare 90 kn
  • Beef tongue carpaccio 110 kn
  • Traditional soparnik flatbread 84 kn

Side dishes

Side dishes 34 kn Salads 34 kn Assortment of homemade bread and local olive oil 5 kn

Warm starters

  • Daily soup 40 kn
  • Spring rolls 48 kn
  • Pan-seared foie gras 128 kn
  • Crispy panko-coated chicken 82 kn
  • Bruschetta with brodet 110 kn

Home made pasta and risottos

  • Vegetable risotto with mascarpone 88 kn
  • Saffron and scallop risotto 136 kn
  • Spaghetti with tomato salsa, pesto and prawns124 kn
  • Spicy gnocchi with turkey 116 kn

Main dishes

Meat mains

  • Beef fillet 190 kn
  • Slowly braised ox cheeks 146 kn
  • Slowly braised lamb 224 kn
  • Pork fillet with bacon 160 kn
  • Gourmet burger 118 kn

Fish mains

  • Sea bream with vegetables 148 kn
  • Turbot with orzotto 138 kn
  • Roasted piper guarnard 132 kn
  • Fresh fish steak with Dalmatian-style vegetables 170 kn


  • Fish tartare – Spring rolls – Saffron and scallop risotto – Fresh fish steak with Dalmatian-style vegetables Daily dessert


  • Steak tartare – Traditional soparnik flatbread – Pan-seared foie gras – Slowly braised ox cheeks Daily dessert 


  • Gluten-free white chocolate and almond cake with vanilla cream 42 kn
  • Chocolate and chili cake with a crispy base 40 kn
  • Lemon meringue tart 42 kn
  • Almond brittle and caramel semifreddo 38 kn
  • Daily selection of desserts 40 kn
  • Cheese platter – a selection of Croatian and imported cheeses 88 kn


Open: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00-16.00 and 18.00-24.00


Give us a ring or drop a line by e-mail to book your table.


Do we really have to make a reservation?

Yes. We’d strongly advise you to book a table a few days in advance (especially if you’d like to come for dinner). This way you can avoid taking a walk all the way to the restaurant and leaving hungry. Just give us a call (+385 20 333 486) or drop us a line by e-mail ([email protected]) and we’ll have a table waiting for you. For same-day bookings kindly call by phone.

Can I book at 20.00 h? Why (not)?

From the end of April until the beginning of May we are only able to accept bookings at the following times: first sitting at 18.00 or 18.30 or second sitting at 21.15 or 21.30. As we only have 13 tables in the restaurant and many booking inquiries, having a fixed schedule allows us to welcome you stress-free and allows you plenty of time to fully enjoy your meal without feeling rushed.

Parties larger than 6 can sit in a separate dining area and those bookings are accepted at 19.30/20.00h.

Can we sit on the terrace/get a table with a view?

We do not have a terrace and therefore do not offer outdoor seating. However, our space is air-conditioned and we try hard to make up for the lack of a spectacular view with the food we serve.

How can I get to Pantarul from the Old Town?

You can either take a taxi from Pile Gate (the ride lasts approximately 5-10 minutes and should not cost more than 15-20 euros) or you can take the bus No 4 or No 6. If you take the bus No4, get off at that Square 2 Stop. If you take the bus No 6, get off at the M. Bratosa Stop. The bus timetable can be found on the Dubrovnik Libertas website. 

Is there a dress code?

No. Relax and wear the shoes that won’t give you sore feet.

What’s this about restaurant cookbooks you have on offer?

That’s our way of letting you take a piece of your trip home.

We have two cookbooks on offer: Pantarul at Home and What’s Cooking in Dubrovnik. Pantarul at Home lets you re-create Pantarul dishes at home and What’s Cooking in Dubrovnik is a cookbook full of traditional Dubrovnik dishes you can try out when you go back home.

Ideal foodie souvenirs – they both have metric and US measurements and cost 250 HRK. Flip through them to get an idea – you’ll always find copies on the bar.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our books travel all over the world and we’re so happy when they find far-away homes.

Why are you closed on Mondays when everyone else is working?

Because we believe in doing business the right way – chefs too like to go for a swim from time to time. Pantarul is open all year long and having one day off is a guarantee that the food that ends up on your plate is prepared without stress and with maximum love and care.

Why is your name ‘Pantarul’? What does that mean?

In the Dubrovnik dialect ‘pantarul’ means ‘fork’. A simple word very dear to our hearts.

Is that coaster the whole menu? That’s it?

Yes. We love flipping through books (and even writing our own, as you’ll see from the restaurant cookbook we’ve prepared for you), but not through menus. As our menu changes with the seasons, we want to place emphasis on quality rather than quantity. With about twenty dishes to choose from, we are certain that everyone will find something to their liking.

Do you offer gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian options?

We are able to cater for food restrictions and we serve gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes on a daily basis. Your waiter will inform you about your options on the spot.

Do you have a children’s menu?

While we do not have a dedicated children’s menu, we are more than happy to cater for your little ones.